Italian Civilian Service

HEGDER is one of the hosting organizations in the project “SoFT SKILLS 2030” of the Italian NGO Come Pensiamo – Etnografia e Formazione within the Italian Civilian Service Programme (that includes projects carried out by the Italian Department for Youth Policies to provide associations in Italy and abroad with young Italian volunteers).

SoFT SKILLS 2030 main objective is to promote awareness of learning opportunities related to international mobility and European projects, to foster

  • the development of soft skills (such as leadership, initiative, and planning skills)
    beneficial for the personal and professional growth of young people
  • and processes of (cultural) integration and (social) inclusion of young people in situations of

To achieve these objectives, Come Pensiamo sent 4 Italian volunteers from July 2022 to June 2023 to work on the activities of HEGDER. The main tasks of our Italian volunteers are:

First implemented in 2022, SoFT SKILLS 2030 was also approved and financed for the year 2023. HEGDER, therefore, expects more volunteers from Italy to continue providing intercultural enrichment to the association!